Linksys Router Setup

Linksys is one of the most popular router brands. But even though Linksys routers have been on the market for quite a while they're still quite complex to setup. That's why we wrote this simple Linksys router setup guide to help you with this process.

Here is how to perform initial setup of Linksys router:

1) Select Linksys router that you're interested at. Make sure to check number of network output ports it has to be smaller than number of computers you want to connect to it (if you want to use wired connection). If you want to set up wireless network check if wireless speed supported by the router matches your requirements.

2) Open the box and attach all details (antennas, etc.) to the Linksys router. Plug it in into the power socket.

3) If you're going to use wireless connection make sure to place router in a place which is not going to block the signal.

4) Power up the router. Wait for 20-30 seconds until it finishes booting. Make sure that you internet modem is also powered up and connected to cable or DSL cable.

5) Connect router to the cable/DSL modem from your internet provider (ISP). This is done by Ethernet cable. Make sure to plug it into the right port (it should say WAN or Internet). You don't need to power off router for this.

6) If you're going to use wired connection connect your computer to the router with another Ethernet cable. If you're going to use wi-fi you can skip this step.

7) Turn on your computer. If you used wired connection then internet should be accessible after this step. For wireless connection you need to select your Linksys router network in windows connection dialog.

If internet connection on your computer doesn't work up at this point it means that you need to go and do some tricks in the router setup.

1) Type from your computer. This address used by all Linksys routers to access router setup. Use Admin as username and blank as password. It will work in most cases. If it doesn't please take a look at our router password database or search internet for default password for your Linksys router.

2) You could check status of your internet connection in the "Status" section. If internet is not showing as connected you need to consult with your ISP to make sure that your router is configured correctly to access the modem.

3) After fixing errors with your internet connection you may want to setup wireless network on your Linksys router. Wireless network is identified by SSID (service set identifier). SSID is the name of the network which shows up in your "Wireless Network Connection" dialog in Windows. Change SSID to the name you'd like and go to next step. SSID settings are available under Wireless->Basic Wireless Settings tab.

4) After setting up name for your Linksys network you need to enable encryption for it to make sure no one except you can access it. Under Wireless->"Wireless Security" section input your secret key to "passphrase" edit box. This is WEP key which Windows will require you to enter when you connect to your wireless network.

5) Go to your computer, connect to the network identified with SSID from step 4, type WEP key you created in step 5 and you should be ready to go. After this your Linksys router setup should be complete.